Singer-Songwriter /// Worship Leader

"Music is my truest form of communication - with God, with myself, with others. I get to sing things I wouldn’t get to say. Music has a way of voicing thoughts more poignantly than spoken words could. Sung sentiments sting more and ache more, but they also bring more specific, permeating warmth and joy. And it does it all in a way that allows you, the listener, to walk away mostly unscathed. The most incredibly heart-wrenching lyric ever written can be sung in a way that makes you think “what a pretty high note!” I can show you my sorrow in a shadow box and then move on, without ever breaking the glass. I love that."

Addisyn Chafé spent over 2 years working on her first album before setting its release date for March 1st of 2019. She wanted to create something incredibly honest that dealt with both the pain of the darkness and the relief of the light. Lost is a collection of songs about having hope in the waiting...but it's only the first part of the story.